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There are many types of diffusers out there with one of them being the well known Gary Fong Lightspheres. Yes, I do own a Gary Fong light sphere II cloud. I have several Diffusers one Gary Fong, Two fake Gary Fong Light spheres, Opak cap Diffuser, and the one attached to My Speed light. All Read more ..

“What is Aperture?” This topic can be a little confusing for some. I admit it was for me at first too. It’s not that aperture is itself a particularly confusing topic, there a couple common misconceptions that need to be cleared up. One of those being Aperture is NOT a feature of your camera it Read more ..

What time is it? Time to Vote! Vote for my “Moth” PLEASE! I entered in an image of a Moth I took in a park near my home in the Canon Photography in the Parks Photo Contest. This is a pretty big contest so to even get in the top ten is amazing. The winners Read more ..

Just Playing Originally uploaded by Broken _Perfection Was out playing tonight with the camera I sat down in the middle of the street for this one. I also shot a couple of my son this evening that are on my flickr account. This Photo of the Leaves I was plying with the DOF ‘depth of Read more ..

Big News Friday I received a call From Canon telling me that I am one of the top ten finalists Canon’s National Parks Contest! I entered in the image of a Moth I took in a park near my home. If you don’t remember what image I am speaking of, here is the image! Boy Read more ..

Frogs seem to migrate to my back yard garden. They like to hang out on the corn the most. I suspect its because the garden is watered daily and there is a abundance of bugs to eat. However, I do not have a pond. Seeing these guys everyday makes me want to build a pond Read more ..

Bindi Originally uploaded by Broken _Perfection This is my kitty Bindi, you’d never know she was in my house if you came over to visit. I brought her home a year ago October 30th. She was a scared lil kitten that I found running around my sons daycare. We rescued her brought her home gave Read more ..

I tested out the Light sphere II Cloud These are images taken with it in a room that had one window. So it did a pretty good job of evening out the light in the room. My son was happy to do his lil poses for the camera. I forgot to take some with out Read more ..